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Deryk Morelock, CIC

Hello, my name is Deryk Morelock, and I am a Habitational Insurance Specialist with AssuredPartners. I started my career in 2016 after spending 4 years working in my family’s construction business. Morelock Builders and Associates has functioned in the Springfield community for 30+ years building the future of the local economy. I grew up sweeping, sealing, vacuuming and making the muti-family units my family’s business was building ready for the eager homeowners who would ultimately call them home.

I attended school at Greenwood Laboratory, a small private school on the campus of MSU and I graduated college from Drury University. When I graduated in 2010, the marketplace was still reeling from the “mishap” in 2007. I found myself going to work again for my family, with a freshly minted degree in Advertising and Public Relations. In 2016, I would decide to change careers, and serve as a compliment to the family business, as someone who could provide an understanding to an otherwise foreign discipline: Insurance.

I started my career working with American Family, as a Sales Specialist pushing products from a standard HO-3 Homeowners Policy, Term and Whole Life Insurance, Automobile and small Commercial. I got my first taste of the Habitational industry when I insured a packet of 20 Rental Dwellings owned by my father. From here, I would move to the Independent Agency model, and end up with the 5th largest writer of Property & Casualty, AssuredPartners in 2021.

My partnership with AP has given me the capabilities offered to the industry by that of a large scale, national firm, but with the level of service and relationship expected of a local agency. I serve clients with large scale Habitational portfolios across the Midwest, as well as here in the Springfield/Ozark MO area, and have had the good fortune of being able to branch out and expand my knowledge of several different niche industries during my time spent with AP.

In 2020, I acquired my CIC, or Commercial Insurance Counselor designation, a professional continuing education designation held by roughly 3% of the industry. The time spent studying for and passing tests in the disciplines of Personal Lines, Commercial Property, Commercial Casualty, Agency Management and Life and Health has provided a crucial well-rounded understanding of the business of which I am forever a student.

I look forward to working with you, whether you own 1,000+ multifamily units, or you are looking for appropriate coverage for your home and auto. I have a team of dedicated service professionals, and I promise I will do everything in my power to advocate on your behalf, to help navigate the waters of the Insurance marketplace.

Thank you, God Bless America.


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